Can We Learn Anything Useful From Reality TV?



Finally the answer is YES. Reality TV has combined with the world of energy efficiency and their offspring is SWAP, a reality TV based program where two companies swap energy efficiency teams and see who can extract more savings from the other’s company. Crazy fun!

Ok, I know what you are thinking…BORING, but that is not the case. The webisodes are short and they give you a better idea of how companies (and you) can save on energy costs. For example, in the first episode Whole Foods swaps with Hilton Hotels – and even the experts miss some simple things that you can do in your home or business.

The reason I am discussing SWAP is to show just how mainstream energy efficiency has become in our society. You can see this with the decrease in the growth of electricity needs, the advances in technology with residential efficiency tools like the Nest thermostats, and home controls. Homeowners and businesses all over the country are recognizing how many of their hard earned dollars are disappearing in wasted energy. If you haven’t thought about energy efficiency in your own business or home, you should, it is a guaranteed way to save money.

And who knows, you may enjoy it so much that you will be featured on a future reality TV show! Check out BEE, a co-initiative of the Missouri PSC and the Division of Energy for energy saving tips, resources, links to local utilities, and other helpful resources.

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