Is the Human Body a Battery and Could it Power the Matrix?


MARCH, 2016

If you’ve seen the movie the Matrix, and you took the “Blue Pill”, then you know that the human body creates an electric charge – but did you ever stop and investigate if the human body could be a battery for energy?

If you have been a frequent reader of my blogs then you understand that I think about these types of things in my continuing education in the energy industry. So here is what I have found:

  1. Yes the human body creates an electric charge.
  2. Theoretically, it could be used to power some highly sophisticated devices.
  3. We are unable to harness the power of our own bodies.
  4. The Matrix is not real…

How does the human body create an electrical charge? According to an article by Julia Layton, “Negativity is the natural resting state of your cells. It’s related to a slight imbalance between potassium and sodium ions inside and outside the cell, and this imbalance sets the stage for your electrical capacity. Your cell membranes practice a trick often referred to as the sodium-potassium gate.”

It is highly complex but if you want a good simple explanation of how these gates work and how they generate electrical charges Click Here.

So how much energy does our body create? Well Gizmodo’s Maddie Stone did the calculations for an article in the Daily Mail and she discovered that it would take us 70 hours to fully charge an iPhone, only using the energy created in our bodies. That is pretty impressive! You could harness the power of your body, and charge your own phone. Never mind the fact that you would die because you are using all the electrical energy to charge your phone and not leaving enough to do important bodily functions, such as breathing. If you only tapped a portion of your body’s electric ability and you didn’t care that it took longer to charge your phone, then you would survive and get to finish the marathon streaming of House of Cards or whatever shows you binge watch all powered by your own body.

This is all theoretical, even though we use phrases such as “He is plugged in”, it is not possible to plug our bodies into a device and harness our electrical production. Not even The Oracle, The Architect or The One is able to do this – or so the Matrix wants us to believe.

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