Local Puppy Has Super Powers – Pledges to Work for Betterment of Humanity


JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI (Jan. 14, 2016) – Commissioner Scott T. Rupp, Missouri Public Service Commission, announced that his puppy “Sir Oscar Fluffnstuff” (pictured below) has obtained superpowers. “We are unsure how he got his powers, but he has them, that’s for sure”, said Commissioner Rupp in an interview.s?

Being dubbed “Sir Power Puppy”, Oscar has shown a supernatural ability to inform and educate people on energy efficiency. His knowledge on the issue is astounding, especially when you consider that he can’t speak and is a dog.

Carissa Rupp, wife of Commissioner Rupp, first noticed his uncanny ability. “I was sitting on the couch and my feet were cold so I went to turn up the heat. Oscar started barking wildly and put these on…

Obviously he was trying to tell me not to waste energy, but to put on warm fuzzy socks instead. Our family was stunned!”

Oscar has been teaching the family about energy efficiency ever since. As word spread about #sirpowerpup and his abilities, 27 presidential candidates demanded a list be created of all puppies with inhuman powers, which sparked pushback from many in the public. Steve Rogers, an outspoken advocate against registering superpowers, issued a statement, “I fully support #sirpowerpup and oppose any efforts to make those with superpowers be registered. There are Stark differences between what is right and wrong here”.

The controversy has forced #sirpowerpup to assume the disguise above designed by none other than Edna Node, famous designer to the superheroes.

You can follow the energy efficiency work of Oscar by following him on twitter at @scott_rupp and #sirpowerpup.

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