My washing machine turned on by itself! Is my house haunted??



Imagine you are home alone at night, watching a creepy movie. A thunderstorm rolls in, thunder crashes, and lighting fills the sky. All of a sudden the dog perks up his ears. He stands, sniffs the air, his ears pin back, and he starts to growl towards the laundry room. Then you hear something. The washing machine and the dryer kick on all by themselves, and you scream with delight at all the money you are saving.

This is actually possible if you own a smart thermostat (such as a Nest), and you have a smart appliance. There is no serial killer in the laundry room trying to get the stains of his last victim off his clothes, instead your thermostat has told your washer and dryer that energy prices are at their lowest, and this is the peak time to wash and dry the clothes you put in when you came home from work.

This is not a SCI-FI home of the future that you would see on a moving tram ride in EPCOT. This is available to millions of homes all across the country. Smart meters, smart thermostats and energy efficient smart appliances are at all your major home improvement stores. If your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan, you can take advantage of these times when energy prices are at their lowest. You save money, and the utility saves money, by not having to create more electricity when the demand peaks during the day.

So… enjoy your creepy movie with the satisfaction that you are saving money and that your house is not haunted.

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