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Simplifying Energy

The energy industry is complex and often confusing to a non-energy professional.  Attempts to find understandable, clear information that is not full of “industry speak” often leaves consumers frustrated and at times distrusting of their energy company and its regulators. It is my goal to provide relevant, interesting information about the energy industry that will enlighten, educate and at times entertain. I welcome your feedback as well as suggestions on content that will help to simplify the energy industry.  

All my best,  Commissioner Scott Rupp

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Can Missouri break into the Top 20 of Renewable Energy States?  Renew Missouri has a plan
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Today's Energy Mix

Today's Energy Mix

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What's Your Usage?

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How Safe is Your H2O?

How Safe is Your H2O?

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8 MARCH, 2017 I am a free market loving person who generally believes that government regulation constrains economic growth. I also believe that utility commissioners in traditionally regulated states need to be strong, decisive, non-passive regulators to truly...

Missouri: Stuck in the Middle With You

2 MARCH, 2017 As I was reviewing the latest figures from the US Energy Information Association (EIA) about which states consume and spend the most on electricity per capita, I did what everyone does when they look at a list … they scan for their name or state. I...

Without Energy, How Would Super Heroes Get Their Powers?

Attention all comic book and super hero lovers, this podcast is for you.  Commissioner Rupp and the #1 ranked Pinball Player in the state of Missouri (and Chief Utility Economist for the MO PSC), sit down to discuss the impact of the energy industry on the creation of...