Ratemaking 101



Check out this infographic on ratemaking published by KCP&L (http://www.kcpl.com/my-bill/for-business/how-rates-are-set/ratemaking-101).

Steps in the Rate Case Process

The typical process takes 8-11 months to complete.

  1. Before a utility like KCP&L can change rates, we must submit an official request to the Kansas Corporation Commission or the Missouri Public Service Commission.
  2. The respective Commission Staff audits the request and supporting documentation.
  3. Other parties, known as interveners, may perform additional audits and reviews, voicing concerns or requesting more information to better understand the utility filing.
  4. The Commission invites customers and the public to ask questions or express comments about the requested change.
  5. The utility formally presents the case to the Commission through testimony. Commission Staff and interveners also file their case through testimony.
  6. The utility provides the most current numbers and final facts for consideration.
  7. The utility works with all parties to resolve as many issues as possible. The Commission hears any unresolved issues in a formal hearing. Commissioners then review any agreements, testimonies and documentation presented.
  8. The Commission issues a formal ruling and announces approved rates, which are then integrated into customer billing.

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