Rush Hour



Let’s be honest. It sucks. No one likes driving in rush hour. You’re bumper to bumper, and as far as you can see there’s a line of cars in front of you, and even more trying to get on the highway. Everyone is getting impatient because they all want the same thing, at the same time.

Electricity is the same way. Everyone wants it at the same time. Instead of cars merging onto the highway, it’s electrons being generated and pushed through the electric grid to your home. If you were to look at a graph of electricity usage on a daily basis, you would clearly see the rush hours. When people wake up they turn on the coffee pot, the toaster, the microwave, the TV, the radio, the dishwasher, the curling iron, etc. Then the 2nd rush hour is later in the day, especially in the sweltering summer and everyone runs their air conditioner at full blast, when people get home and turn on the oven, the TV, the radio, the washer, the dryer, the dishwasher, etc.

Some employers in heavy commuter cities with horrible rush hours have altered their employees work hours to avoid the wasted downtime of sitting in traffic, employee frustration, and environmental pollution. What if you could avoid the rush hour of the electricity grid? By knowing when the peak times for energy are, you can adjust your schedule to avoid them. And the best part is … you can save money in the process!

Many utility companies are starting to offer programs that help with this rush hour problem. One is Missouri’s own, Kansas City Power and Light. KCP&L has a program called Rush Hour Rewards that helps you save money and avoid the high congestion peak times of energy usage.  You can even get a free Nest thermostat and cash incentive checks. Do yourself a favor and contact your utility company to see what the peak hours are, and to see what incentives they offer to help you avoid that rush hour. If you’re in the KCP&L territory, click here:

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