Vampires! Vampires! They’re in my house…



When I say the word vampire, if you’re like most Americans, you think of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, or Twilight. You don’t think of your coffee maker or your television. A vampire appliance sits quietly on your countertop, sucking the lifeblood out of your home, while slowly draining your bank account. Chances are, you’re surrounded by these vampire appliances.

You look to your left and see your phone charger plugged in – VAMPIRE! You turn to your right and see your computer sitting idle – VAMPIRE! You look into the living room and see the red eye of the VAMPIRE staring at you in the form of the DVD player’s red “off” light. You run into the kitchen to escape but the glaring LED screen on the microwave is flashing VAMPIRE. The LED screen on stereo and video game consoles are all VAMPIRES. Even your trusted coffee maker, which wakes you up in the morning with hot caffeine, is also sucking energy all day. Another VAMPIRE.

According to some studies, vampire appliances can consume between 5-10% of your household’s energy usage in one year. Even items that are powered off are still consuming electricity. What can you do to fight back against the hoard of energy sucking appliances?


Simply unplug items that you are not using, or buy power strips that can truly turn off multiple items at once. They even have power strips that that only provide electricity to devices if a certain plug is turned on. For example, if your television is on, then it provides power to your DVD, home theater and Xbox. If you turn off your television, then the power strip stops giving power to all those items, without you having to unplug several things.

When you go to work for 9 hours a day, don’t spend money on energy sucking appliances while you aren’t even home. When you go on vacation, unplug before you go.

The vampire apocalypse is already here. The question is, will you survive?

Visit the Missouri Public Service Commission website for more energy saving tips.

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