You Down With OPC? Yea You Know Me!

Did you know OPC stands for the Office of Public Counsel? OPC represents the public and the interests of utility customers in proceedings before the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC). They typically aren’t a fan of rate increases or anything that would potentially raise the rates that average Missourians pay for electricity, water, natural gas etc.

Different viewpoints have different perspectives on the OPC. Some view it like their crazy uncle who’s prone to shout: “THE END IS NEAR”. Others view them as the noble David taking on the Goliaths of evil polluters, corporate greed, and corrupt governments. The truth is that the OPC is one of the most important public services that affect the lives of every Missouri family. They ask the hard questions like “Why are we doing this?”, “Why do the utilities need that?”, and “Is it in the best interest of rate payers?”. At each of our hearings, we commissioners consider the interests of the state as a whole, energy producers, rate payers, and the future of energy in our state. OPC’s advocacy for individual rate payers is an important part of the ratemaking process and I learn a lot from their positions.

So that’s how I can explain it…

I took it frame by frame it…

To have y’all jumping, shouting, saying it…

You Down With OPC? Yea You Know Me!

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